How to make Milk Food – Melkkos South African Recipe(OFFICIAL)

in this video ill be showing you how to make Milk Food in afrikaans its Melkkos.

Its a really old South African Food that our grand mother , mother everyone use to make.

sorry for my bad camera work i could not hold camera and make the food so i just record as i was doing the things


10ml Backing Powder
2ml salt
7 cups milk
50ml white sugar
60g plain flour, extra about 1/2 cup asside
50ml margarine, melted
3 eggs, seperated
Cinnamon Sugar


1.mix the flour, baking powder and salt
2. beat the 1 cup milk and the dry ingredients into a paste
3. heat the remaining milk to boil
4. beat the melted margarine in the paste
5. beat the egg yolks and sugar until fluffy
6. beat them to the paste
7. add some of the cooking milk to the pasta and mix
8. mix the rest of the milk gradually
9. cook the mixture over low temperature until done – it takes about 1 minute.
make sure you beat them constantly with a wisk to prevent lumps it makes
10. cool slightly
11. fold the beaten egg whites stiff in
12. Serve with lots of cinnamon sugar. it works works well for a layer of cinnamon sugar at the bottom to create a dish, then a layer melkkos again a layer of sugar, a low melkkos and then final layer of sugar…. thats if you love sweeten food.

this recipe makes about 2 liters melkkos

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