Cranberry Custard Pie: A Thanksgiving Recipe from Publix

​Want to try a new dessert for Thanksgiving? This Cranberry Custard Pie is the one to make. Custard with cranberry filling and sugared cranberries on top of a flaky piecrust. Mmm! To view more Thanksgiving recipes, visit

Recipe: Cranberry Custard Pie
Total Time – 35 minutes | Active Time: 15 minutes | Makes 8 Servings


– 1 lemon, for zest/juice
– 4 cups cranberries (thawed, if frozen), divided
– 1 teaspoon corn syrup
– 3 cups sugar, divided
– 1 (14.1-oz) ready-to-bake rolled piecrust
– 1/2 cup cream cheese, softened
– 4 eggs
– 2 tablespoons unsalted butter, softened
– 1/2 cup flour
– 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
– 1/2 teaspoon kosher salt
– 1 tablespoon raw sugar


1. Zest/grate lemon peel (no white; 1 teaspoon); squeeze lemon for juice (2 tablespoons). Place 1 cup cranberries in bowl with corn syrup and toss to coat; add 1 cup sugar and stir to coat cranberries. Transfer cranberries and any sugar in bowl to air-tight container; chill until ready to use.

2. Unroll one piecrust and place in deep 9-inch pie dish; trim crust, leaving a 1/4-inch overhang. Chill until ready to use.

3. Place in large bowl: cream cheese, eggs, remaining 2 cups sugar, and butter; beat with electric mixer 3 minutes or until smooth. Add flour, vanilla, lemon zest, juice, and salt; beat 2 minutes more. Gently stir remaining 3 cups cranberries into egg mixture.

4. Pour filling into crust. Unroll remaining dough for top crust; place over the filled pie. Trim dough to 1/4-inch beyond edge. Fold top crust under bottom crust and seal the edges by pinching or crimping with a fork; brush top crust lightly with water and sprinkle with raw sugar.

5. Cut a few slits in top of crust to allow steam to escape; chill 15 minutes. Preheat oven to 450°F. Place pie dish on a baking sheet (for ease in handling); bake 10 minutes, then reduce temperature to 350°F. Bake 35–40 more minutes or until crust is firm and golden. Cool on a wire rack before serving; garnish with sugared cranberries. Serve.

Nutritional Information:

CALORIES (per 1/8 recipe) 720kcal; FAT 25g; SAT FAT 11g; TRANS FAT 0g; CHOL 115mg; SODIUM 390mg; CARB 119g; FIBER 3g; SUGARS 82g; PROTEIN 7g; VIT A 8%; VIT C 15%; CALC 4%; IRON 8%

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