Cranberry Relish | Thanksgiving Recipe

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– 3 crisp sweet apples (I love Honeycrisp)
– 1 lime
– 4 cups fresh cranberries
– zest of one orange
– 3 oranges
– 1 inch piece fresh ginger
– 1/2 – 1 cup sugar (really depends on sweetness of apples)


Chop apples, removing core.

Remove peel of lime and chop into pieces.

Place apples in food processor and add prepared lime. Pulse until slightly broken down to about pea-size pieces. Do not process to mush! Pour apples into large bowl.

Process cranberries by pulsing to the same size as apples. You may need to scrape sides of food processor to evenly chop. Pour cranberries into bowl with apples.

Zest one orange directly over apples and cranberries. Remove peels of oranges and chop, removing any seeds. Stir into relish.

Peel ginger with the back of a spoon and finely grate into relish.

Finish with sugar to taste and mix well.