SECRET Vegan Family Recipe | Vegan Thanksgiving recipe | Easy plant based recipe

Not sure what to make for your holiday dinner? Are you a non-vegan having vegan friends/family over for Thanksgiving/Christmas? Want to show your vegan buddies how much you love them? Want to try an amazing new way to make tofu? New to veganism and don’t know what to cook? Tired of mushy tofu?..well this frozen tofu recipe is a life changer! ….you’re welcome 🙂
*The tofu needs to be frozen, and then unthawed. I usually freeze over night. Then you can unthawed in the microwave. Or in a bowl of hot water for a few hours. Make sure it’s completely unthawed before you prepare and cook it. This method of freezing tofu completely changes the consistency and texture of tofu. It becomes flakey, fluffy, and almost “spongy”, which is great for hearty “meaty” recipes and excellent for soaking up sauces, spices and flavors. Try to use firm or medium blocks of tofu.
I think a lot of people’s minds will be BLOWN if they’ve never had this type of tofu before. My aunt started making this in the 80’s and she taught my mom, and my mom taught me. I’ve been eating frozen style tofu for over 25 years. I’ll be sharing many more recipes using this method. 🙂
~ Try it out and let me know what you think of it in the comment section ~
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Here you go….I hope you enjoy this recipe! xoxoxo Happy Holidays 🙂

go vegan!
Love, Taryn

**No animals harmed in the making of my recipes, EVER. Vegan all day, everyday.