Vegan Thanksgiving Recipe Roundup

need some inspiration for vegan thanksgiving recipes? not sure how to give thanks turkey-free? if you’re newly vegan or just looking for new vegan ideas, this 9-channel collaboration has everything you need to have an Epically Ethical Thanksgiving Dinner. get ready for a delicious, simple, and cruelty-free recipe showcase. (all links listed below)

Epically Ethical Thanksgiving Dinner Playlist:
Bite Size Vegan’s Intro & Recipe Roundup:
Mary’s Test Kitchen’s Stuffed Seitan Roast with Mushroom Gravy:
Sim’s Kitchenette’s Stuffed Pumpkin:
Cooking With Plant’s Spiced Pumpkin Soup:
The Veggie Nut’s Roasted Roots:
Veggietorials’ Quinoa Cauliflower Mash:
York and Spoon’s Citrus Spiked Cranberry Sauce:
The Unhealthy Vegan Lab’s Thanksgiving Burger 2.0:
Plant Based Judy’s Pumpkin Pie:

The Truth About Thanksgiving:

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