2 in 1: How to Make Easter Cupcakes!

These bunny cupcakes are a great treat for Easter, and the charm version can be hung on a pendant for a cute holiday accessory. Have fun making different colors to frost your cupcakes, and enjoy!

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Marshmallow Fondant:

4 oz. marshmallows
1/2 T. water
4-5 oz. powdered sugar

1. Melt marshmallows and water in a microwave safe bowl
2. Knead in 3/4 of powdered sugar
3. Add in remaining 1/4 powdered sugar
4. Cover in shortening and plastic wrap and store in fridge

1. Where do I buy the clay? And what is it?
It is bakeable polymer clay that you can buy at most craft stores, such as Michaels or Joanns. Look for Fimo, Premo, or Sculpey (but Premo is my favorite for rich and vibrant colors! 🙂

2. What glaze do you use?
Sculpey glaze, also found at Michaels or Joanns!

3. Sometimes adding faces to charms can be tricky using a paintbrush and acrylic paint. What else can I do?
Try using a Sharpie Poster Paint with a superfine tip (avoid using a regular Sharpie though, they tend to bleed into the glaze!). It’s easier to use than acrylic paint, but is also less forgiving if you make a mistake. I tend to use the acrylic paint for the eyes and the Sharpie Poster Paint for smaller details, like the mouths.

Idea from: http://thedecoratedcookie.com/2012/03/peeking-bunny-cookies/

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