Easter Cupcakes – How to Make a Chick Hatching Cupcake

Easter Cupcakes – How to Decorate a Chick Hatching Cupcake. I show how to decorate a chick hatching cupcake for Easter. I am using fondant icing which is an icing you can get from your local supermarket. At Woolworths in Australia you can get a brand called Orchards White Icing in the cake decorating section. I am using a brand called Bakel’s Pettinince Icing. You can go to my YouTube channel mackandnorm for tutorials on how to colour fondant with food dyes, how to ice a cupcake to get a smooth finish with buttercream before decorating with fondant and also how to make edible glue. There are also other Easter Cupcake tutorials. Subscribe to see more!
How to make a hatching chick Easter cupcake:

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