Easy Vanilla & Chocolate Easter Cupcakes

Simple and delicious Easter cupcakes – vanilla sponge cake with a tasty chocolatey frosting and mini eggs to decorate.

Perfect for kids and quick to make.

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This is what you’ll need:
125g/4.5oz margarine (you can use it straight from the fridge)
125g/4.5oz white sugar
125g/4.5oz self raising flour (or plain/all purpose plus 1tspn baking powder and bicarb)
2 eggs at room temp
65ml/ 1/4cup milk
pinch salt
130g icing sugar (aka powdered or confectioners sugar)
30g quality cocoa powder
80g/2.8oz soft butter
Around 30ml milk (you may not use all of this)
Mini eggs

1. Mix marg and sugar until fluffy
2. Add eggs, flour, salt and vanilla and mix for 30 seconds (in a stand mixer, longer by hand)
3. Add 1/4cup milk and mix until soft – 1 minute (in a stand mixer, longer by hand)
4. Distribute into paper cases and bake at 160c (Gas mark3/325F) fan for 20-25 minutes.
5. Allow cakes to cool.
6. Mix icing sugar, cocoa and soft butter.
7. Add milk slowly until a just soft consistency is reached
8. Pipe onto cupcakes and add mini eggs.

*You can use margarine to bake with straight from the fridge – use a nice tasting one though! (I used Flora Buttery)
*White sugar tastes sweeter than brown so if you switch sugars, be aware that the cakes wont be as sweet.
*Use room temp eggs.
*Bake on a lower heat for smooth topped cupcakes – for domed cupcakes, bake at 180c but for around 16-20 mins.
*Use SOFT butter for frosting – cold butter is really hard to mix.
*Also, butter holds it’s shape better once cooled than margarine so butter is the best choice for buttercream.