how to make mini easter egg cupcakes

This easy recipe makes great a addition to your Easter table.
1. Batch of mini cupcakes, baked in mini muffin tray
2. Vanilla frosting
3. Different pastel colors of fondant
4. Royal icing mix
5. Red and orange gel food coloring “Americolor”
1. Bake mini cupcakes in white paper cases. Let cool completely.
2. Put royal icing mix in two separate plates. Add small amount of water to first plate and mix together to create white royal icing; put in the piping bag fitted with #2 tip. Add small amount of water and small amount of red and orange gel food coloring to second plate, mix together to create bright red color of royal icing; put in piping bag fitted with #2 tip.
3. Apply small amount of vanilla frosting to each cupcake.
4. To make egg looking fondant: knead a small amount of desired colored fondant and roll into a ball. Placing the ball in the palm of your hand, roll one side of the ball using your other hand, creating a teardrop shape. Press slightly to flatten. Gently push the shape of fondant onto your cupcake using the palm of your hand and smooth the fondant out to the edges of the cupcake. Repeat this process until all your cupcakes are covered.
5. Use prepared royal icing to pipe and create various designs on top of mini cupcakes.