Tie-Dye Easter Cupcakes Baked in Egg Shells

Stumbled onto this idea looking for Easter cupcake ideas. They were time consuming but the outcome was worth it.
You could use a cake mix for this, but would need a lot of eggs to use it up (maybe make a few regular cupcakes at the same time)
If I were to make these again I would make the hole smaller as the tip of my pastry bag was quite small. I believe the recipe asked for such a large hole because the person was spooning in the mixture.

I used one egg for the cake (the other 8 eggs were in those two other small bowls)

Found this idea and recipe for the cake here:

Easter Cupcakes Baked in Real Egg Shells

I also used her cake recipe that is nice and small and would probably fill 10-11 eggs. The cake is very good, light and moist.
I skipped the salt water bath step described in her method.
It may be easier to dye the eggs before removing the stuff inside, less chance of cracking.

Cupcake poppers video: