21 day fix review from a licensed physical therapist along with explanation of the meal plan.

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Greg Todd, co-owner of Renewal Rehabilitation and Fitness in Hyde Park and Wesley Chapel, is a licensed physical therapist and certified strength and conditioning specialist. He has completed the 21 day fix program and had some incredible results!

11 pounds lost
5.75 inches lost
5.5% decrease in body fat percentage
All in 21 days!

In this video, he gives a review of the program and how he was able to manage the meal plan with his busy schedule.

If you are interested in signing up for the 21 day fix, you can contact him personally:
Email: Greg@physicaltherapist.pro

If you’re ready to sign up for the program, you can sign up at:


Wesley Chapel: 813-907-0430
Hyde Park: 813-254-9475
Company website: www.physicaltherapist.pro