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Great healthy renal diet recipes. Kidney diet secrets recommended kidney diet & renal diet recipes- try it RISK FREE here – a renal failure diet plan. Kidney diet secrets has a great renal failure diet that works.
If you are suffering from renal failure then you should look at all the options available to you. The easiest way for you to take control and make a difference is to look at changing your diet. You can learn about the kidney diet secrets RISK FREE.
Read how other suffers of renal failure and kidney problems have turned their lives around using the kidney diet secrets making them feel a lot healthier and even repairing the damage they have incurred;
I was diagnosed with acute renal failure 7 months ago. I thought it was the end for me as the doctor’s tone of voice implied. I did my research, and came across your guide. That was one of the best days in my life….being a business consultant, I had to travel a lot by land and by air…I thought I would never be able to follow the Kidney Diet Secrets guide but I was wrong. 11 months after, I’m still easily eating kidney-healthy diet and it never took control of my life. Thanks again!”
Rachelle, without your advice I would still be suffering from renal failure. Thanks a bunch! I did what you recommended and was very satisfied with the results. I hope you don’t mind if I would pass your methods to other kidney disease patients.”
I had to endure having high blood pressure since I was 40, diagnosed with acute renal failure a few months later and I was advised to get ready for dialysis by my doctor. After having through your book and following your advise, It’s been 1 year and 5 months I still haven’t undergone dialysis. I owe it to you and your diet method Rachelle. Thank you.”
“GFR Shoot up in a few weeks!” The book spells out how diet and restricting certain foods can stop and even reverse kidney disease. I had a blood test done and found that my GFR was only 26 – Stage 4 Kidney Disease – that was a huge shock to me since it went from above 60 down to 26 in five months! That was a huge motivator for me to do try out the Kidney Diet Secrets and it worked!
“Its a Must for Kidney Patients…”
This book, in my opinion, is a must for kidney patients. It wasn’t easy at first, but I’m very much used to it now. Well written and easy to understand, it gave me a much better understanding of CKD and what I need to do to live a longer and healthier life. Dialysis is not something I want to experience. For those seeking information on Kidney Disease and how to best deal with it, the biggest frustration is the lack of good information available. The author explains why not much has been done about educating the public with kidney disease. A lot of good information I haven’t found anywhere up until today!
My Doctor Was Amazed…I promised to give you a testimonial if it worked for me. And surely enough.. it did!…the doctor was amazed how my creatinine got back to normal range pretty quickly. Everything is laid out in an easy and understandable manner. Not a single medical jargon! I definitely recommend the book to anyone with chronic kidney disease – even if you only get a couple of tips from it, they have got to be the tips that will save you from dialysis or a transplant! Glad I found your guide!
I had chronic kidney disease (CKD) for 6 years before I got a hold of this book. Few weeks later after I had my regularly scheduled laboratory test for kidney function, my doctor was amazed my kidneys were progressing. It continues until today after all these months. I really am thankful to have come across this amazing guide. Easily the Best book in Kidney Disease anywhere. And the recipes included are simply the best!
The Kidney Diet Secrets Guide Book was easy enough for an active guy like me to follow. It took sometime, but I managed to do it. No more kidney stones for 3 years. I know it will never come back once you really beat the root cause. This book taught me to get rid of kidney stones right from the roots.

‘eat a low protein diet’ is never enough. How low is low? etc. This book solved everything about that. Now my father does not experience fatigue and is as happy as ever. Thanks!”
My family and I used to be very frustrated because the doctors wouldn’t give us enough information for my father who has kidney failure for 3 years.
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