P2 hCG Diet Recipe – 0 Calorie Lemon Slushy Recipe

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I started this hCG diet journey with hCG injections at 172 pounds, 34.5% body fat and a size 16/18.

Since you are limited to 500 calories each day on the hCG Diet, it’s nice to find littlle hCG recipes that have almost no calories for the occasional time when you just really want to eat something extra. It’s super simple, but surprisingly good and very satisfying.

8 Calorie Lemon Slushy Recipe- P2 and P3 friendly

HCG Diet Recipe – 8 Calorie Lemon Slushy

This is delicious!!! But don’t take my word for it- go try it out yourself! It feels like your having dessert on the hCG diet when in reality, you are mostly just eating ice and water. It only has 8 calories and 2.5 grams of carbs. This is the ultimate guiltless dessert, and don’t be fooled- it really is delicious and quite filling (until the ice cubes melt in your stomach of course). 🙂 Read the rest of the article here: http://hcgchica.com/8-calorie-lemon-slushy-recipe-p2-and-p3-friendly/