Black and white crepes – keto/low carb recipe

No long speeches. No obnoxious music. No fluff. Just a concise demonstration of some stuff I made.


– 2 eggs

– 2 tbsp Monin sugar-free vanilla syrup

– A dash of salt

– ¼ tsp vanilla extract

– ½ tbsp melted butter

– 2 tbsp coconut flour

– ½ tbsp vital wheat gluten

– ¼ cup half and half or cream

– 2 tbsp cocoa powder

– A small amount of coconut oil for cooking.


– 2 tbsp half and half or cream

– 1 oz cream cheese

– 1 tbsp erythritol

Raspberry Spread

– 10 raspberries

– 1 tbsp chia seeds

1. For the topping, mash the raspberries with the chia seeds and set aside for at least an hour to thicken.
2. To prepare the filling, heat the cream with the erythritol until it is dissolved. Add the cream cheese and stir until smooth, heating again if necessary. Put in the fridge or freezer to thicken up while you make the crepes.
3. For the crepes, in a small bowl, whisk together eggs, syrup, salt, vanilla, butter, flour, gluten, and cream. Make sure the butter is melted but not extremely hot.
4. Pour half the batter into another small bowl. Add the cocoa to one of the bowls and stir to incorporate.
5. In a small skillet (I use [this one]( or carefully in a larger skillet, put a small amount of ^1 coconut oil and heat on low.
6. Pour a small amount of batter in skillet, flipping when the top no longer looks wet. Each side shouldn’t need more than a minute.
7. Alternate light and dark batter, and spread a small amount of your filling between each layer as you stack the finished pieces.
8. Optionally, sift a small amount of powdered erythritol over your finished stack. Top with raspberry chia jam, cut, and enjoy!

^1 I only had to use a few drops in mine every once in a while, but you have to know your cookware.

Makes two generous servings. Per serving: 270 calories, 20 g fat, 12 g protein, 5 g net carbs (19.1 g carbs – 6.4 g fiber – 7.7 g erythritol)