Hearty Cranberry Honey Broccoli Salad | Paleo Recipe

Asweet and savory broccoli salad with a satisfying crunch. Whip this up for summer picnics, holiday dinners or as quick snack for lunch.

Broccoli salad packs a punch of brain-boosting nutrition thanks to its powerful greens. However, most broccoli salads go heavy on store-bought mayonnaise that tend to hide preservatives and low-quality ingredients. In this recipe, the classic broccoli salad is given a refreshing, healthy twist with grain-free, whole ingredients.

Coconut oil is used (instead of less healthy alternatives often found in packaged mayonnaise) along with pasture-raised organic eggs to achieve a super-rich and creamy texture used as the base of the dressing. You can find this simple 5-ingredient mayo here. A little pure honey instead of sugar adds a touch of natural sweetness. Once you prepare the mayonnaise, blanch the broccoli to tenderize just slightly. I find that blanching them helps to make the stalks a little less tough and easy to chew. If you like your broccoli to be very crunchy, you can skip this part.

The salad get a punch of color from the purple and green jewel tones of the red onions and cranberries. Since this dish is versatile, it can be served at Thanksgiving dinner and during summer backyard barbecues. Just be sure to make enough—this is one salad that won’t have leftovers.

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