Jurassic Pork Paleo Recipe Inspired by Jurassic Park 3D

Chrysta & Dale celebrate the 20th anniversary of Jurassic Park by creating this paleo diet friendly Jurassic Pork recipe w/ an apple-cider brine!

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3/4 Cup of Apple Cider Vinegar
1 ½ Cup of Water
3 tbsp honey
4 tbsp. sea salt
2 tsp. mustard
1 tsp. crushed garlic (or 1-2 cloves, grated/crushed)
2 8 ounce pork chops, approx. 3’ thick cut, boneless.

1. Combine all ingredients, except the pork chops.
2. Place pork chops in a resealable zip-top plastic bag.
3. Pour marinade over the pork.
4. Let pork brine 2-24 hours.

*Note: the acid in the brine with make the pork look white

Cooking the pork:
Here’s how we cooked ours to perfection, using a pan sear + oven roasting technique. This technique gives a brown crust and seals in moisture before is roasts in the oven. The result is a very moist pork chop.

1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees
2. Add olive oil to a cast iron skillet and heat over a medium-high flame (to about 350 degrees.)
3. Remove pork chop from the brine, and pat dry.
4. Cook pork chop for 4 minutes on each of the 2 largest sides and 1 minute on each of the 2 smaller sides. Do not lift the pork chop off of the surface of the pan during that 4 minutes: you want to get a good sear.
5. Place in oven and roast for approximately 15 minutes, or until a thermometer inserted in the pork reads 150-155 degrees.