Weight Watchers – Quick 3 Ingredient Filling Dinner Idea using Cabbage! Healthy!

This is the meal I talked about in my Last weigh in update!
Here is the full description of how I made it. Enjoy! —-
*Chop cabbage and add 3 to 4 cups to a bowl and microwave cabbage alone for 4 minutes
*Take one Cup of Boca Crumbles and heat on the stove in a frying pan (use Pam to coat pan) and cook Boca crumbles until crispy)
*Add One Container of 2 Percentage Cottage Cheese and mix through (if you don’t like cottage cheese you could do ricotta cheese if you like) *Now add the Boca crumbles to the bowl with the cottage cheese and cabbage.
*Microwave entire bowl for about 90 Seconds
Add whatever seasonings you like (I used salt, pepper, garlic Powder and a little spray butter) **This is so filling I didn’t even feel like I needed a snack !
Serve! (5 Weight Watcher Points Plus)
A Delicious cabbage casserole recipe coming this week!
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