😍How to Cook Beef Stew | My Braised Beef Recipe Review | Buy at Walmart & Cook Tender in 3hrs

►http://amzn.to/2hY4xkC, cooking journals are great because you won’t forget your tasty experiment. How to make beef stew or roast beef stew fast and tender? Total cook time is only three hours. There are various recipes out there for beef stew but this probably the easiest way to cook this meal because everything comes in the package. The very first two hours is used to cook the meat and 1/4 of the vegetables and the last hour is used to cook the remaining vegetables along with making the roast beef more tender. Cooking saves you a lot of money because going out to eat can add up after a while. I buy the preset package because it’s cheaper to buy the roast beef and vegetables together than to buy everything separate. If you have a beef stew or braised beef recipe then please share it in the comment section below. Usually this dish takes several ours via beef stew crock pot.

Beef stew recipe:

Large Pot 11″ x 4″
Roast Beef, Mixed Vegetables, Pre-Seasoning
1 cup of water mix with seasoning
Add 1/4 of vegetables & whole roast beef
Start on Hi temp setting & lower down until simmering
Set time for 3hrs total
Last 1hr to 45min add remaining vegetables
Let rest for 3-5min