~12 Freezer Meals~ From 1 Basic Ground Beef Recipe!~ Part 1

Stock up that freezer! This is my convenience foods section of my extended pantry! And best of all I know how it was all made & prepared. I love knowing I have meals ready on the fly for when time is tight & the family is ~Hangry~! Or on those days you do not feel like cooking because it’s a heat wave outside! Whatever the reason, I have a meal solution for you! In this video you will be shown the basic ground beef recipe for . . .Meatballs . . . Salisbury Steak . . . and Meatloaf!

These are nice to have on hand for so many reasons. You can make & bake them as I have them in the video here, so you are not just limited to just 1 recipe! You can make whatever recipe you want! Or if you want you can make the Meatloaf & freeze it & reheat it & eat it. The same goes for the Salisbury Steak, you can make it, freeze it, & reheat it & eat it.