A perfect Hunter Beef Recipe By Food Fusion (Eid Recipe)

A very special must try recipe on Eid. “Hunter Beef”. Shot over 7 days on special request of our dear fans. We love you all. #HappyCookingToYou #EidRecipes

Recipe in English:

-Beef boneless 1&1/2 – 2kg
-Salt peter 2 tbs
-Black pepper 2 tsp
-Brown sugar 3 tbs
-Salt 1&1/2tbs
-Cinnamon sticks 4
-White vinegar 2 cups
-Water 2 cups (enough to dip meat)
-Water 1-2 liters (enough to dip meat)
-Butter melted 2 tbs
-Black pepper powder 1 tsp

-Wash the meat thoroughly and dry with kitchen towel.
-Now tie the whole meat with thread and prick it from both sides with the help of small knife.
-Place meat in plastic container, add salt peter, black pepper, brown sugar, salt, and apply evenly.
-Add cinnamon sticks, white vinegar and water, mix well, covered and refrigerate.
-Next day, take out from refrigerator, prick beef again from both side, cover, shake box and put back in refrigerator.
-Repeat process for 4 more days.
-At 7th day, put beef in a pot, add water and cook for 45-60 mins until meat tender.
-Take out beef from pot, cut the thread and wrap in aluminum foil and prick it with bamboo stick.
-Bake in preheated oven at 180 C for 30 mins.
-Take out from oven.
-In small bowl, mix melted butter and black pepper and brush it over beef.
-Bake again at 180 C for 15 mins.
-Cut into slices.
-Delicious hunter beef is ready.
-To eat, fry a slice of hunter beef and serve.

Recipe in Urdu:

-Beef boneless 1&1/2 – 2kg
-Kalmi shura 2 tbs
-Kali mirch 2 tsp
-Brown sugar 3 tbs
-Namak 1&1/2tbs
-Daar chini 4
-Sirka 2 cups
-Pani 2 cups (enough to dip meat)
-Pani 1-2 liters (enough to dip meat)
-Butter melted 2 tbs
-Kali mirch powder 1 tsp

-Meat ko pani sa dho lein aur kitchen towel sa dry ker lein.
-Ab meat ko dhagay sa bhand lein aur knife ki madad sa dono sides per cuts laga lein.
-Meat ko plastic container mein rakh dein,kalmi shura,kali mirch,brown sugar,namak dal ker mix karein.
-Daar chini,sirka aur pani shamil karein,ache tarhan mix karein,dhak ker refrigerate ker lein.
-Dosra din refrigerator sa nikal ker meat k dono sides per mazeed cuts laga lein,dhak ker box ko shake karein aur dubara fridge mein rakh dein.
-Yehe process mazeed 4 din tak karein.
-7th day,beef ko pot mein rakh dein aur pani dal ker 45-60 mins ya ghost gul janay tak paka lein.
-Beef ko pot sa nikal lein aur dhagay cut ker lein,aluminum foil mein wrap ker k bamboo stick sa prick ker dein.
-Preheated oven mein 30 mins kliya 180 C per bake ker lein.
-Oven sa bahir nikal lein.
-Ek bowl mein makhan (melted) aur kali mirch dal ker mix karein aur beef per brush ker lein.
-Dubara bake karein 180 C per 15 mins kliya.
-Slices mein cut ker lein.
-Mazedar hunter beef tayyar hai.
-Fry ker k serve karein.