Yuki’s Chotto Japanese Beef Recipe – Yuki’s Kitchen


Japanese cooking class with Yuki – Chotto Japanese Beef – In Japanese, Chotto means ‘a little’ and here I am using just a little to add a different style to class roast beef. I love trying to infuse flavour to give old recipes a new twist. I always use ingredients that are easy to get hold of, from the local supermarket for example.

This dish is great for a lazy weekend, in the summer as it does taste good cold. You can easily make it in advance and just pour over the sauce before serving. The key ingredients here are ginger, sake, mirin, soya suace – all of which should be firm favourites in your kitchen cupboard, if you are getting serious about Japanese cooking.

In this video, I show you how to prepare the beef, the lovely sauce and serve the dish. Do get in touch to ask for more tips, I’d love to see a photo or two if you do feel tempted to have a go.

Experiment with the vegetables you serve alongside the beef. Use whatever happens to be in season or readily available. Most of all have fun cooking and eating it! Japanese food can be simple!

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