How to Make Grilled Cheese Rice Burger (Recipe)

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This grilled cheese sandwich made with rice is gluten-free so everyone can enjoy this American classic. The soy sauce adds a touch of Japanese flavor.

1 1/2 cups cooked Japanese rice
2 slices cheese
2 tbsp cornstarch
salt and pepper
soy sauce

Add cornstarch into hot cooked rice and mix well. Season with salt to taste. Put half the rice onto a sheet of plastic wrap and flatten into a square shape. Repeat once more with the rest of the rice. Unwrap one sheet and spread some mayonnaise on the top. Put the flattened rice onto a frying pan mayonnaise side down. Spread some butter onto the other side. Put cheese slices onto the rice. Sprinkle pepper on top. Unwrap the other rice packet and spread butter on top. Place on top of the cheese and put some mayonnaise on the very top. Cook over medium heat. Pour a little soy sauce on the outside of the rice sandwich and swirl the pan around. Cook until crispy and golden brown. Flip it over and cook until crispy and brown on the other side. Bon Appetit!

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