Smoky Bacon Chili Cheese Burger Recipe

I decided to finally post a burger recipe on my channel, so I went with a Chili Cheese Burger, that also has bacon, but in this case, not just regular bacon! Pig Candy is what I used, and it added such a great flavor with all the other flavors that was going on with this burger. As I ate the burger, I could taste all the ingredients as should be. No one ingredient over powered the next! It was a fantastic burger! The chili I used in this video is a chili that I developed way back in the early 1990’s. I use to sell chili dogs, as well as other items at work. It was a nice second income for me. When I first started selling the chili dogs, I knew they were a big hit with everyone. I sold out daily, and if I could have managed to bring more in, I certainly could have sold them all. I was asked from many people to share my recipe, and I never would give it away, but that was then, and this is now, so I’m sharing this great chili dog recipe with the world, and show you step by step how to make it. It’s even better if made a day in advance, and it freezes very well too! I would put my dogs together the night before work and place them in the fridge wrapped tight in deli wrap and foil wraps. The next morning I would place them in my ovens at work and re-heat them in their wrapped state, and this steamed the buns as they heated, and I would recommend that if you use this chili for chili dogs, then do them this way for some awesome dogs!

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