50 Low Fat Hamburger Recipes Made Easy Volume 2 | Ebook

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Hamburger is such a delicious meat to cook with. It can be combined with cheese, with vegetables, with seasonings and served in a variety of ways to make it delicious. Unfortunately, some of those ways havent always been healthy in the past. However, with the creation of new fat free and reduced fat products, these recipes can be made over into lower fat, lower calorie dishes that still taste just as good. Low Fat Hamburger Recipes Made Easy volume 2 has 50 such recipes you will want to try out. There are 50 easy to make low fat hamburger dishes that are prepared in a variety of styles. There could be hamburger patties made and placed out to grill on a sunny day. Cook the meat, enjoy the sun and have a cold drink while you eat the meal. Other dishes require forming meatballs with your hands and cooking in the oven, boiling or even adding to a crockpot to simmer with some of your favorite spices. And if you dont feel like making your low fat hamburger in to either of those forms, then you can brown it up and make several different types of casseroles with it. The easy recipes that use low fat hamburger as the main ingredient also use other special ingredients to keep the dishes lower in fat and calories. Instead of using butter, yogurt or Greek yogurt can be used instead. Replace the regular cheese and sour cream with low fat or fat free versions of the same item. The taste will remain nearly the same; however the main difference will be that it is much lighter to consume calorie and fat wise. The easy to make recipes use many of the basic ingredients already found in your pantry. Dont worry about going to a specialty store or spending lots of money on fussy ingredients. If you have a pantry stocked with the basics, you can prepare many of these recipes without an extra trip to the store. The recipes are fairly quick and easy to assemble, from the meatballs to the meatloaves to the hamburger patties. Enjoy a wholesome and delicious entrée and rest assured that you arent loading up on fat and calories needlessly. Add a few vegetables or whole grain bread to your meal and you have a great meal that you can be proud to serve your family.