How To Create A Smoker For Homemade Smoked Meat Recipes On Your Charcoal Grill

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Full Tutorial: – Learn how to create a smoker out of your charcoal grill without having to buy an expensive new pellet grill or smoker. Smoked meat recipes taste about 1,000 times better than the same recipes without smoked meat. It’s Man Law. The problem is that most guys don’t know how to create a smoker so they can make their own homemade smoked meat recipes and they don’t want to buy an expensive new smoker. The solution is to quickly and easily turn your charcoal grill into a homemade smoker by following the instructions in this video and below. For more grilling tricks like how to create a smoker, check out our blog over at

The first step for creating a homemade smoker on your charcoal grill is to place a small batch of unlit charcoal in the top corner. Then light some charcoal using a charcoal chimney starter and place it on top of your unlit charcoal. You don’t want to use too much charcoal because you want to be smoking with low heat. Here is a Chimney Starter Tutorial:

Next, place some of your favorite wood for smoking on top of the charcoal pile. Make sure to soak your smoking wood in water first so it does not scorch. We use applewood for smoking in this video.

On the other side of the charcoal tray at the bottom, make sure to place a pan of water. Your smoked meat to be will be placed on the grilling grates right above this pan. We used homemade bacon from pork belly. Also place another water pan directly over the charcoal and applewood pile.

Once everything is set up, close the charcoal grill top and make sure to only open the vents on the opposite side of the charcoal and applewood pile. This creates air flow which draws the smoke a moisture from the water pans over the meat and gives it a nice smoked meat taste.

The best way to learn how to create a smoker is to just go and try to create a smoker from your charcoal grill. If you need help, just watch this video again.