Mama’s Best – Italian Meatball recipe

Celebrating family favourite traditional recipes … I asked my sister Maria to teach me how to make our traditional family meatballs and tomato sauce – Naples – Country Style … By gogochatty

Since being diagnosed with cancer stage 4 June 7th 2016 and ending up in ICU with a close call to death and a 6 week hospital stay, now on Chemo treatments, and waiting to have another major surgery… well I am thrilled to dedicate myself to capturing on film family traditions, creating “forever” memories with my family and friends!

I just jumped into this YouTube thing, feet first to create the first of my series, MAMAS BEST to honour my 90 year old mother. My mother said to me back when I was 17, “if you don’t learn to make an Italian meatball sauce, no man will marry you! I never thought I would get married. Well 38 years later, I am still married and with 2 wonderful children.

When my sister Maria asked me what special thing she could do for me; I asked she brings my mother to my house to finally teach me how to make our home town Neapolitan Meatballs and Tomato sauce. This lead to more family and friends coming to my home to cook together! How lucky I am!

Thank you to all my family and friends for your unconditional love and support! Anna ❤️ aka GOGO CHATTY xox