20 Spiked Coffee Cocktail Recipes – How to Make Coffee Like A Barista

You’ve surely heard of coffee-flavored beers, but what about coffee cocktails? And not just cocktails that taste like coffee – we’re talking about using a cup of joe as the main ingredient!

This infographic is a list of recipes that combine two of our greatest loves: good coffee and classy cocktails. What happens when baristas and bartenders get together? Coffee cocktails, that’s what. National Coffee Day may come around once a year, but in our book, it’s every day. Give your next cup of java an extra kick with one of these coffee drink recipes.

There’s a lot of variety in them, too. If you’re looking to expand your mind with absinthe but need an energy boost, try the Bronx Bomber!

For the best after-dinner drink! Just use Irish Cream instead of cream and sugar – how easy is that?!

If you want a dessert drink for after dinner, Spanish Coffee is easy to make and tastes delicious.

Martinis used to be a stiff drink. After all, it’s mostly hard liquor. Then James Bond came along and made the martini hip, and sometime in the 80’s or 90’s, they started adding “tini” to the end of everything, and the modern foo-foo martini was born. If done right, the “Coffeetini” or “Espresso Martini” can be appealing to both guys and girls, while still remaining respectable.

But for a colder drink, freeze them ahead of time, along with the Vodka.

Whether they’re warm or cold, these cocktails are sure to give you a legendary buzz! Don’t be afraid to use these recipes to experiment or even combine some elements of them. There are countless ways to make them, so have fun. Next time you wake up and are trying to decide between hard liquor and a cup of coffee, maybe these recipes can end the argument between the voices in your head. I also think it is a great “Hair of the Dog” solution.

By Teah Teriele

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Learn some very simple techniques to master the art of coffee making. If you are an Americano fan, its undemanding composition is 2/3rd Hot water and 1/3rd Espresso! If it’s cappuccino that kick-starts your day then all you need is 1 Part Espresso, 1 part Hot milk and steamed milk float to get your favorite cuppa! Sounds simple? Check it out.

Brewing coffee leaves behind unappealing dregs: coffee grounds. What to do with those old coffee grounds. Here are 11 Ways to Use Coffee Grounds in the Garden.