Big King Vetki (coral) Fish Deep Fry | best seafood recipes | Whole Fish Fry

Bhetki fish has a big sized mouth, which is its distinguished feature. In English, it is called as barramundi. It is a large-scale river fish and everywhere for its big size it is favorite to fish lovers. We used a very big size for our cooking. Actually, it is a king size bhetki. Our recipe will belong to best seafood recipe. Firstly we cut it properly and cleaned it with a lot of water. We sprinkled salt on it and rubbed it. Then we rubbed all spices on it. In the meantime, oil becomes so hot. We placed whole fish into deep hot oil and fried it properly. Normally this types of cooking are found in Indian food and Bangladeshi food. In village style cooking this recipe is very rare. By the way this a very acceptable and delicious food.