Emerils BBQ Shrimp Recipe “Homemade”

I created this video today 8/12/2012 to enter into JB’s cooking contest. I got up pretty early to start prepping for the meal. It’s my take on the classic “Surf & Turf” as seen on many menus over the years. I haven’t made this version of barbecued shrimp since way back in the 90’s, but I’m so glad I did. I forgot just how delicious this is. The “Blue Crab Crostini” turned out very well. I wasn’t sure how the hickory smoke was going to effect the flavor, but I think it was a winner all the way around. Last but not least, the rib eye steaks were cooked just the way my wife and myself like them. Just under medium rare. In hind site, I should have prepared a garden salad or some other veggie to go with the meal, but I’m not sure I would have had room for it anyway 😉 Oh by the way, after uploading the video to YouTube, I noticed that I used the word “Surf”, where I should have used “Turf”, lol, I watched that video over and over to make sure I had no mistakes, and BAM! There it was! I’ll re-upload after the competition is over.