Gulf Coast Seafood: Easy, Healthy Shrimp Recipe

This easy shrimp recipe from award-winning chef Nealy Frentz features fresh Gulf Coast shrimp. Chef Nealy and musician Duke Bardwell show us how to cook shrimp at home. This healthy shrimp recipe includes brown shrimp, fresh greens, lemon, and garlic, and takes minutes to make. You’ll be able to make sautéed shrimp in no time after watching this seafood recipe video — and because they’re so versatile, these sautéed shrimp would be just as delicious in dishes like shrimp pasta, shrimp and rice, and shrimp and grits. Go buy some Gulf shrimp and kick off a seafood feast. Who says seafood has to be serious?

Produced by the Gulf & South Atlantic Fisheries Foundation, Inc. with funding provided by the Gulf States Marine Fisheries Commission (NOAA Award #NA10NMF4770481)