Nutrition: Best Tuna Recipe For Weight Loss

Healthy eating is extremely important for weight loss but for overall health as well.
Health is something that we often overlook because we are so focused on weight loss and looking nice, and having abs etc.
So how to improve our nutrition and engage in healthy eating all of a sudden?
I know that the recipes can be kind of boring, even leave you hungry.
You may have heard that tuna is one of the best foods and most recommended to people who need weight loss.
It’s because of its extraordinary nutrition. It’s rich with protein and omega 3 fats. It’s perfect for weight loss but also perfect for our overall health as well.
But the tuna can definitely be boring and it can have that strong tuna taste, so a lot of people can’t hang on to healthy eating for too long, and they get back to junk food.
In my opinion, this tuna recipe is sustainable for the simple fact that it can be done in 5 minutes, it’s also delicious, and it doesn’t have that signature tuna taste.
Healthy eating can be fun when you mix and match recipes to help your weight loss.
I combined healthy eating and proper nutrition with some exercise. My exercise of choice is the Insanity exercise program.

Here is a video I made about that: