🍹 वर्जिन मुहितो | Virgin Mojito Recipe|MocktailDrink for Summer|Quick and Easy Drinks|Non Alcoholic

Virgin Mojito Recipe | How to make perfect Mojito at home | Non-Alcoholic Virgin Mojito

Virgin Mojito is a Non-Alcoholic refreshing drink Recipe, especially for summer.
Basically, it is a Cuban version of shikanji.
Have a look at the way it is being prepared, watch till end and don’t miss the tips within the video and do let us know your feedback. Ingredients used are mentioned below:

1. Sprite / Dew
2. Mint Leaves
3. Lemon juice ( 1tsp )
4. Sliced lemon
5. Sugar
6. Salt
7. Ice

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Easy and Quick Virgin Mojito Recipe | Virgin Mojito Recipe with Sprite | Non-Alcoholic Recipe.

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