5 Cute Halloween Treats Ideas | Wilton

Here is a video compilation of 5 cute treat ideas to make for Halloween! From cakes to cupcakes, these “eerie-sistible” Halloween desserts will make your happy haunting celebration more fun.

0:05 Fault Line Halloween Cake
0:57 Trick or Treat Candy Bucket Cake
3:21 Striped Bat Halloween Cake
5:09 Night Sky Halloween Cupcakes
6:00 Halloween Cookie House

Read our blog post for our favorite cute and easy Halloween treats: http://bit.ly/2IBUAZf

Find more Halloween treat ideas here: http://bit.ly/30NY40O

Fault Line Halloween Cake: http://bit.ly/2Ip4D3R
Trick or Treat Candy Bucket Cake: http://bit.ly/2Irgez9
Striped Bat Halloween Cake: http://bit.ly/2OmMNCf
Night Sky Halloween Cupcakes: http://bit.ly/333V6XI
Halloween Cookie House: http://bit.ly/2pOsrHS

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