Adult Mac and Cheese

The next time “adulting” has you down (like when your washing machine breaks mid-cycle and you spend your weekend appliance shopping instead of brunching), Adult Mac and Cheese will remind you that this whole “grown up” business does have its perks.

The best gourmet mac and cheese recipe ever with mushrooms and breadcrumb topping

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In contrast, it took five days to agree on a new washer. All of our kitchen towels were in the flooded, broken old one, so we dried dishes with beach towels instead. (Good thing this mac and cheese is minimal on the dishes, too!)

With a few easy tips, you can elevate even the most simple mac and cheese recipe into something that tastes special enough to please the most discerning adult palates. At the same time, I can also assure you that the appeal of grown up mac is not limited to adults. In fact, real-life toddlers (a notoriously tough group of critics) have approved this exact “adult” recipe.

I made a fresh batch of this baked mac and cheese for my 2- and 4-year-old nieces when they visited Milwaukee last week, and both little ladies (one of whom is notorious for her pickiness) cleaned their plates.

Toddler affirmation is the at-home version of a culinary gold medal.

Ready for the secrets to the best gourmet mac and cheese ever? Pull out your skillet and your cheese grater, and let’s get cooking!


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