Baked Buffalo Wings {with Blue Cheese Dip}

Easy to make Buffalo Wings – crispy baked chicken wings are coated in an addictive, fiery hot buffalo wing sauce and served with a side of creamy, tangy blue cheese dip for dunking. This is how you do game day snacking!

Platter full of buffalo wings coated in a buffalo wing sauce served with a side of blue cheese sauce and celery sticks.

Spicy buffalo wings just like the restaurants serve! Here made in the comfort of home without the deep frying hassle and mess!

These oven baked buffalo chicken wings are the perfect party food! Who could resist?

They’re rich and buttery, lightly sweet with hints of honey and of course extra spicy. Because that’s the best thing about buffalo wings – that bold punch of heat and the taste of hot chilies.

And what’s the perfect thing to compliment them every time? Blue cheese dip. It’s just a simple, creamy sauce made up of minimal ingredients but it also packs a lot of flavor.

Together this tasty duo is sure to impress! What else can pack this much flavor in one little bite? View the Recipe

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