Banana Bread Brownies

Any other week, I might have been content to use my cache of ripe bananas to bake a wholesome loaf of banana bread, but I (and my sweet tooth) agreed that what we really need this week is a pan of Banana Bread Brownies.

Banana Bread Brownies topped with Cream Brown Butter Frosting

Banana bread brownies have the gratifying density and moistness of a brownie, the old-fashioned, homey flavor of banana bread, and the sky-high reaches of a banana sheet cake.

I folded in toasted walnuts for warmth and crunch, then topped the brownies off with brown butter frosting, which I didn’t *think* they needed…until I tasted it and realized that I couldn’t possibly live without it and neither should you.

You’ll need 1 cup of mashed ripe banana for this recipe, which comes out to be about 3 medium bananas, and you can make the brownies with fresh bananas or frozen.

Anytime I have ripe bananas that we don’t use right away, I peel, chop, and freeze them, so while I don’t always have fresh, ripe bananas on hand, our freezer is almost always stashed with them. If you do the same, see the tips below for how to bake with frozen bananas.

And just in case you *do* still want to bake banana bread (or just have an especially hefty supply of ripe bananas): try this Healthy Banana Bread, this Oatmeal Banana Bread, or these Healthy Banana Muffins. Enjoy every bite, then please do yourself a favor and save these banana bread brownies for a (very near) future baking project. If you like banana bread, you’ll love this blondie brownie-inspired version! (more…)

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