Banana Pancakes

Homemade Banana Pancakes – that taste like the best banana bread but in soft and tender, syrup covered pancake form!

Stack of homemade banana pancakes on a plate. Pancakes are topped with banana slices and maple syrup.

Easy Banana Pancakes

This easy recipe is made with a simple homemade banana pancake batter and they cook on the griddle in minutes. A quick breakfast that will leave you craving more!

How often do we have overripe bananas sitting around wondering what to do with them?

Some of the classic ways we use them are in banana bread or to freeze and toss in a smoothie, but another way I love to use them up is for morning pancakes.

My whole family loves these and we love to switch them up with other toppings.

They have great flavor and are so good in fact you may even find yourself eating them plain on the go!

Don’t toss those overripe bananas and put them to great use! Who could resist?


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