Basic Homemade Bread

Homemade White Bread – A soft and fluffy, chewy and tender, perfectly delicious, basic bread recipe. A comforting classic that’s perfect warm with butter, used for a homestyle sandwich, or served up as morning toast with jam.

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Loaf of white bread on a wooden cutting board with two slices cut. Shows interior of bread.

Easy Sandwich Style White Bread

To me making bread is a total stress reliever. Just taking a moment to set all things aside and just spending a few minutes preparing bread dough, watching it seamlessly rise then enjoying the fresh scent of the hot bread steaming through the oven vents.

As long as we can remember, bread has been at the table and homemade bread just has a way of taking us back home.

My grandparents always made the best homemade bread and I’m hoping to pass that tradition on for my kids and grandkids to enjoy.

And isn’t it amazing how much better fresh bread tastes than the packaged stuff at the store (that’s filled with unnecessary ingredients)?

Here we just use 6 staple ingredients (and water) and it creates a delicious loaf of bread that will disappear right before your eyes. No one can resist a slice or two!

As a side note, if you are having trouble finding yeast right now and are craving bread you can try Irish Soda Bread or Beer Bread. Or try my Buttermilk Biscuits. No yeast required!

Close up image showing a row of homemade white bread slices on a cutting board.

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