Beef Barley Soup

Rich and hearty homestyle Beef Barley Soup! Made with tender chunks of beef roast, nutritious whole grain barley, fresh veggies and a deliciously seasoned broth. A soup that’s sure to warm the soul on chilly days!

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White bowl set over a white plate filled with beef and barley soup with a second serving shown in the background. Also shown is a side serving suggestion of fresh bread.

My favorite thing to end a cold day with at dinner time is a steaming bowl of soup, like this hearty beef barley soup.

I’ve been through the list of soups and made what seems like every kind out there, but that’s just the great thing about soup. The possibilities are endless.

This homemade classic is one that once you try it fresh, you’ll never be able to eat it canned again. But that goes for just about any other soup too, right?

There’s just something about all those ingredients simmering together building up flavor, and serving it warm for sipping that creates a cozy dish like no other.

And this one has a great blend of textures as well, with the tender beef and veggies, chewy barley and the base of runny broth. It’s a mouthful of goodness and satisfying, beefy flavor!

Ladle full of beef and barley soup shown close up. View the Recipe

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