Black Bean and Corn Salad

Healthy and flavorful Black Bean and Corn Salad! It’s a simple salad jam packed nutritious black beans, fresh vegetables like corn, avocado and bell pepper and it’s all tossed with a vibrant cilantro lime dressing. A delicious Mexican style salad everyone will crave!
Black bean and corn salad with bell pepper, avocado, tomato and cilantro lime dressing.

Colorful, texturally satisfying, easy to make, and a side dish you can always feel great about eating! This black bean and corn salad recipe never disappoints!

Of course it’s such a refreshing dinner side dish but it also makes a delicious main dish at lunch, you can serve it over quinoa or rice to make it even heartier.

It pairs incredibly well with chicken and seafood and it’s a great way eat lots of veggies at once – to help meet the recommend intake of veggies for the day.

It also makes a great chip dip if you want to serve it as a party snack. Or serve as a topping over tacos. Lots of options here.

This is just one of those must have recipes! So good in so many ways! View the Recipe

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