Black Bean Corn Salad

This Black Bean Corn Salad is so embarrassingly easy to make (no cooking!), summery fresh, and even good for us, it feels 100% like cheating. Let’s get away with it.

Easy black bean corn salad on a plate

You know when you want to bring a side to a potluck but you don’t actually want to spend *that* much time making it?

You want it to taste phenomenal, of course. People could gush. That’s nice too.

You just don’t want to actually spend more than 15 minutes in the kitchen. I’ve been there! Your secret is safe with me.

This black bean corn salad is a recipe for these low-effort, max-reward times. It’s so dead-simple, it hardly feels like cooking at all.

Guess what? People will gush anyway!

Because this salad is GOOD.


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