Breakfast Burrito

This breakfast burrito recipe is loaded to the max with the best blend of ingredients! Flour tortillas are layered with hearty scrambled eggs, O’brien breakfast potatoes, well seasoned chorizo sausage, flavorful Mexican cheese, fresh pico de gallo and creamy avocados. Does breakfast get any better?

Stack of breakfast burritos.

Homemade Breakfast Burrito

Breakfast burritos are one of my favorite splurge breakfast recipes. Though normally I don’t make them for breakfast – more often than not we actually eat them for dinner.

Really these are good served any time of day. Breakfast, lunch, or dinner they’re always sure to satisfy.

There may be a few steps to cooking each of these various layers but I’m telling you the end result is so worth it!

Just work to keep each ingredient warm for best results (my tip is to wrap in foil while you move on to the next ingredient and keeping eggs warm in the skillet) or reheat burritos briefly in the microwave before serving. No one wants to bite into a cold burrito.

Another option, if you have multiple skillets have multiple ingredients cooking at once, that way they’ll be ready faster too.

And feel free to mix up the fillings. Breakfast burritos are so versatile. You can add refried beans, add a different protein like steak or ham, try them with roasted vegetables, or try replacing the sautéed pre-cut hash browns with crispy roasted breakfast potatoes.

Overhead image of breakfast burritos cut in half in a serving dish lined with foil. View the Recipe

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