Broccoli Rice Casserole

I have a pan of comfort food for you today in the form of Broccoli Rice Casserole. It’s a fully-loaded nine square inches of all the best parts of an old-school casserole—the creamy, cheesy inside, the scrumptious mix of veggies and rice, and the irresistibly buttery, crispy topping—and exactly none of the worst parts.

Easy broccoli rice casserole with cheese and breadcrumb topping

This recipe is sponsored by Land O’Lakes.

This healthy broccoli rice casserole is made from scratch with ingredients you can feel good about.

Its family-friendly flavor will be a hit with kiddos and grown-ups alike.

Courtesy of a midwestern upbringing peppered with a large family collection of what I can only describe as “church lady” cookbooks, I consider myself a steady casserole connoisseur.

Dishes like southern broccoli cheese rice casserole were a staple at our childhood dinners, but when I started cooking for myself, I avoided them at first.

I associated casseroles with processed ingredients.

When you step away from the stereotypes, however, recipes like this broccoli rice casserole have incredible meal potential. They offer many rich food groups in one pan, can scale to feed a crowd, and are freezer friendly too.


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