Brussels Sprouts Chips

Every time I make roasted Brussels sprouts, Ben goes after the darkest, crispiest ones, usually devouring them right off the pan before we even sit down to dinner. Taking the hint, I turned every sprout into the crispy prize via this recipe for Brussels Sprouts Chips.

A plate of healthy roasted Brussels sprouts chips

Thinly sliced Brussels sprouts that are roasted at a high temperature with olive oil, salt, pepper, along with a bit of garlic and Parmesan if you like, these Brussels sprouts chips flirt with the line between healthy vegetable side and addictive, salty snack. The leaves of Brussels sprouts are edible and quite possibly the most delicious part.

This recipe was inspired by the Brussels sprouts chips appetizer at one of our favorite local restaurants, a spot we’ve been missing a lot lately.

In the restaurant version of the “chips,” the Brussels sprout leaves are painstakingly removed one by one, then deep fried. They’re outrageously good, and I imagine, equally labor intensive to prepare.

These shortcut sliced Brussels sprouts chips are my healthy at-home shortcut.

  • The Healthy Move: The chips are baked instead of fried. Considering that I can devour an entire sheet pan by myself, I appreciate the nutritious alternative. (I also appreciate not having to clean up a messy pot of fry oil.)
  • The Lazy Move: My second change up is to cut the Brussels sprouts into thin slices, instead of separating the leaves. While you can get the leaves off of Brussels sprouts by cutting out their cores and then peeling the leaves back one by one, this level of effort is simply too much for a side dish I’d make on a normal night. (Plus, I eat them too fast to make the effort feel worth the payout.)

I’m pleased to report that even with these changes, these Brussels sprouts chips are still delightfully, addictively crispy and a heck of a lot faster and easier to prepare. (more…)

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