Cannoli (Shell and Filling Recipes)

Cannoli!! This recipe makes a crisp and flaky cannoli shell enclosing a lusciously creamy, sweet ricotta filling which is dotted with decadent dark chocolate chips. In other words – pure dessert bliss! These homemade Italian pastries may require a little more effort than some other desserts but they are well worth it!

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Cannoli on a serving platter, showing one close up.

These cannoli taste just like the best ones I’ve gotten at Italian bakeries! They have the perfect combination of flavors and textures.

The cannoli shells are perfectly tender and flaky, like a flake away in your mouth kind of texture.

The ricotta cannoli filling is rich and deliciously sweetened, and those little flecks of mini dark chocolate chips swirled throughout just amp up that already immensely satisfying flavor.

But if you still want to boost flavor you can add extra cinnamon, orange zest, maraschino cherries, or vanilla to the filling. And optionally finish by dipping ends in crunchy pistachios.

Don’t be scared away by the number of steps in this recipe, the first time will likely go slow but once you get the hang of it these cannoli will become a breeze to prepare. And they may even become a new holiday or party tradition!

These delectable Italian delicacies are truly worth learning to make!Overhead image of two rows of homemade ricotta filled cannoli on a serving platter. View the Recipe

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