Chicken Broccoli Ziti

Would it be out of line to say I’ve discovered my life’s purpose and it is cutting down on dishes? If so, then healthy pasta recipes like this Chicken Broccoli Ziti that cook entirely in ONE PAN (including the pasta itself) are my vocation.

Delicious and creamy chicken broccoli ziti recipe in a skillet

Dedicating one’s life to streamlining dish duty (while eating carbs) might be demanding, but I can’t say no to divine authority—especially when it tastes like heaven.

In addition to getting all of us out of washing a separate pasta pot (you’re welcome), cooking the pasta in the same skillet as other ingredients can actually make it easier to create a creamy pasta that tastes decadent but, like this broccoli pasta, is actually healthy for you.

As it cooks, the pasta releases starches that make the sauce taste velvety and rich, without the need for actual cream.

You also don’t have to sit around and wait for the pasta water to boil, an amount of time that seems to increase the hungrier I am.

This creamy chicken broccoli ziti is so many wonderful things that we need right now. It’s reasonably light and healthy—the amount of cheese is moderate without being stingy, the chicken is lean and filling, and just look at that broccoli green!—but it is substantial enough to be craveable on a chilly winter night.

I jazzed up this pasta with artichokes, a convenient item to keep in your pantry. I’m already envisioning future versions made with sautéed spinach added or even peas.

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I also have a whole section of one-pan meals!

This recipe has a fairly high vegetable-to-noodle ratio, which is exactly how we love our pasta, and it makes a more balanced meal. You can serve the pasta with an extra side of veggies if you like, but honestly we found it filling and healthy just as it is. Dinner, done! (more…)

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