Chicken Enchilada Skillet

I’ve been holding out on you. Earlier this week, I gave you the recipe for a better-tasting, healthy Crockpot Mexican Chicken, plus 10 ways to use it. It seemed generous, but the truth is, I left one very important Mexican chicken recipe off the list: Chicken Enchilada Skillet.

Secret Mexican Chicken Recipe #11, this one deserves its own stand-alone post. I’d call it lazy chicken enchiladas, except that name doesn’t do it justice.

You see “lazy” does nothing to communicate the taste euphoria that is juicy shredded chicken, enchilada sauce, soft corn tortillas, beans, and cheese (lots of cheese!) bubbling away until the tortillas soften, the creamy sauce wraps itself around every morsel, and the entire shebang tastes like the daily special at your favorite no-frills authentic Mexican joint (I mean this as a compliment).

“Deconstructed” chicken enchiladas? Chicken enchilada pie? Sweatpants chicken enchiladas? I’m taking suggestions.

Whatever you decide to call this recipe, it’s a keeper.

I found a number of easy chicken enchilada skillet recipes online, including a classic Campbell’s one. Not surprisingly, the original recipe calls for a can of “cream of” soup. The sales angle was obvious, but I prefer to use whole ingredients when I can.

Is it too much to want a meal to be quick and easy and limit the processed items?

Of course not!

Instead, I came up with this healthy cheddar chicken enchilada skillet. It’s still easy to make. You don’t need to fuss with a cream sauce, even though we told the canned soup goodbye. The entire recipe is all cooked in one skillet, so you have fewer dishes to wash.

It’s *mostly* homemade so you can feel great eating it, but it also uses a few pantry items when they make sense (corn tortillas!), so you don’t have to spend hours prepping.

Despite its slimmed-down status, I promise this lighter version tastes indulgent enough to be worthy of its place on a daily special board—and, of course, at your table too! (more…)

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