Chickpea Cookie Dough

It’s an eat-the-cookie-dough-outta-the-bowl kind of week, and this healthy Chickpea Cookie Dough is granting full-scale permission!

A white bowl with healthy chickpea cookie dough with chocolate chips

Made with canned chickpeas, peanut butter, pure maple syrup, and chocolate chips, it’s vegan, easy to adapt to different diets (see notes below to make it grain free and nut free), and most importantly of all:

It legitimately tastes like cookie dough.

It does not taste like beans.

Using pureed garbanzo beans to make healthy cookie recipes is one of those tricks I was super into shortly after college, when I asked for this food processor for my birthday (PSA: 13+ years later, it still runs like a dream).

Using beans to bake secretly healthy cookies made me feel cool and creative. I loved bringing recipes like this giant chickpea Healthy Peanut Butter Cookie to the office to see if my workmates could guess the secret ingredient (they couldn’t!).

Since it’s a cookie-dough-by-the-spoonful moment in our lives right now, I decided to see if I could tweak my original chickpea cookie to make it an edible vegan chickpea cookie dough.

I hope you have your spoon ready, because this faux-dough is chocolate-chip-cookie-licious! (more…)

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