Chocolate Hummus

“Spread the love” is going literal (and deliciously snackable!) with this Chocolate Hummus. Sound odd? Stay with me here. It’s thick and creamy, lightly sweet, and made for dipping with fruit, pretzels, graham crackers, or my preferred consumption method: from the bowl with a spoon.

A bowl of healthy chocolate hummus served with fresh fruit and pretzels

My first chocolate hummus review was at a friend’s house. She’d bought a container from Trader Joe’s (apparently it has a bit of a cult following), and I took a tiny bite out of pure curiosity.

My verdict was a progressive one. First it tasted different, but not in a bad way. Then it was quite enjoyable. Then I started piling it onto my plate with what would probably be regarded as bad manners, but this was a chocolate hummus moment, and I was in it. Had I been at home, I would have just started eating it out of the container.

Chocolate hummus is made of cocoa powder, tahini (a sesame seed paste that tastes creamy, rich, and nutty), some kind of sweetener (I used maple syrup), and garbanzo beans.

If the idea of chickpeas in a dessert-ish recipe weirds you out, I get it. Beans? In a sweet recipe? Answer: YES. If you are suspicious, please check out the reviews on this giant healthy peanut butter cookie skillet. It contains chickpeas also, but their taste is completely hidden. I don’t have a black bean brownie recipe yet (anyone interested?), but the idea is similar.

The chickpeas give the chocolate hummus body, creaminess, and they are healthy for you too. (more…)

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