Chocolate Mousse

The best Chocolate Mousse! Decadently creamy, light and billowy, and indulgently chocolaty. This recipe is a staple for chocolate lovers everywhere!

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Glass full of chocolate mousse topped with whipped cream and chocolate shavings.

When there’s chocolate mousse this good being served there is just absolutely no resisting! Each bite melts away in your mouth and that level of unparalleled richness can’t be matched!

If only it could qualify for breakfast. I could live on this delicious treat, it’s always been one of my favorites!

The perfect finishing touch for this mousse is simple and delicate whipped cream and thin shavings of dark chocolate. Not only does it make it look elegant and add visually appealing variation but it just compliments and finishes it off as it should be.

Of course this is no diet friendly menu item and low calorie dessert but it’s worth every bit of it. All things in moderation.

Mousse Made without Raw Eggs!

With this mousse recipe there’s no worries about food borne illness since there are no raw eggs in this recipe. Here we cook the egg yolk mixture to 160 degrees to kill off any potentially harmful bacteria.

So it’s a dessert you don’t have to worry about serving to guests. Everyone will be smitten with this cup full of chocolate bliss!

And it really is less intimidating to make than you may think. Just a few simple steps, then the hardest part is the wait times while chilling, but the patience is worth it!

6 servings of chocolate mousse in small glass cups. View the Recipe

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